Seven Tips for Moms Starting New Venture

I am a mom and I know exactly how difficult it can be for any ambitious mother to raise kids and run business simultaneously. I have 1.8 years old daughter who is sweet and cooperative but as a mom I have to be around her no matter how much work I have. No mother can risk the comfort of her child over anything, Right? But that should never stop is from being what we want to be.

Do you know there are 11.6 million female entrepreneurs in the US? That means there are millions of mom working day-in and out to make their dream come true. If these women can overcome their daily life obstacles and run a business so can you.

Moms are born with a unique power of management which men or fathers have to learn later in their life. Women in fact know exactly how to manage their life and work as well as establish harmony. If you are also planning to launch a business and waiting for your kid to turn at least 5 years of age, well this blog will tell you why you should not wait and how best you can manage everything.

Seven tips for all the moms who want to run a business:

  1. Get Set Go: Okay, the very first thing that every mom needs to realize that there is no excuses to start. If you having waiting for the right time, the right moment, and the right situation to start your business then I would say that you are simply delaying your business with silly excuses.
    If you want to start your business start today don’t wait for tomorrow as you never know what new challenges tomorrow you may have to face.
  1. Over Analysis Can be Bad: Moms have one good and bad habit of over analyzing everything. Whether it is the house furniture or a business plan moms tend to over research on the subject matter and find a safest solution.
    Their main mantra is “play safe”. Just like they will never do anything that may put the family comfort at risk, moms find it difficult to take the risks and face the situation. Rather what they do is find the safe zone and park their cars until the find new opportunity. This attitude, however, is not really good for the growth a business. You will have to take risks and tackle situations by yourself. Over analysis of the situation will make you weak and incapable of taking up challenges. You cannot play safe all the time, right?
  1. You Need Help To: Okay, you may be a super mom doing laundry, cooking and babysitting all by yourself but starting a new business calls for additional energy. You can save on your energy and utilize it towards your new business by taking help in housekeeping tasks. You can hire housekeeper and lawn keepers to maintain your house when you are busy with your business. This way you will not have to worry about laundry, dirty dishes, cooking and other energy draining tasks.
  2. Take out some time for family: You want to run a business but of course you cannot avoid your family. Set a proper family time so you could connect with your kids, family members and know what is happing in their life. It is always better to have a set schedule for how much time you spend with your family. I recommend spending at least one hour a day with them. Some mothers take a weekly half day off for family. You can choose what suits you the best.
  3. Try and Manage all Days: As a mom there might be days when your kids want you to be there for them all day. This means no work, right? Well no. You may still be with your kids and do work. Learn to be the best possible help to your kids by taking up work when kids take a power nap or play with their toys.
  4. Take Care of Yourself: You can be a best mom and great business partner if you take care of yourself. Make sure you get adequate sleep which is honestly not possible for all the moms. Being a mom means lack of good night sleep and a lot of work load. Don’t over stretch yourself and try to relax when tensed. You can also get yourself enrolled to some regular exercising to maintain a good health.
    Also make sure you take medicine or flu shots as and when required to avoid falling ill during the change of weather. You cannot afford to fall ill at this moment when your business is growing and your family to.
  1. Limit Distraction: No matter whether you are working of spending quality time with your family the Smartphone always happen to sweep in and destroy everything. If you are work from home mom and want to make the best of everything, simply limit your distractions by turn away your Smartphone. You can set a regular time for social media which is utmost necessary for any business to grow. But these social media and networking can break harmony at work and personal life by distracting us to one thing to another.

Always remember your family time is a family time which means no Smartphone. When working, keep the Smartphone away to avoid any distraction.


Mothers are worriers who know how to win the battle by right management and organization. You can be a successful businesswomen and a good mother by taking help as and when required and maintain harmony in your personal and work life. When a mom grows her family grows along. Make sure the growth is continuous and not fragmented because your family looks at you as a super hero. Don’t let your family down and be their hero by supporting them through all thick and thin.


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