How to maximize app advertising revenue?

How to maximize App Advertisement Revenue – App Advertising’s is one of the best ways to increase the number of your audience, as well as reach new customers. The process of App advertising can help you reach a wider customer base and get more traffic to your app.


Choose the right ad format

Mobile App Advertisement is instrumental in generating a healthy revenue, when you
integrate your banner & video ads. However, much depends your choice of format you plan on setting up, to hold the customer’s interest. We help in creating engaging experiences to ensure more engaging reaches of your Brand to build higher App Downloads, generating higher sales of your Brand.

Filter out ads you don’t want

By categorizing & filtering, you can control the time & place, you would like your Ads placed on your App. You also select your choice of Ads, you would like displayed on your App from the Ad Review Center. 

Access all advertisers using Google’s buying platforms

Your monetizing with AD Mob gains you instant access to a
million Google Advertisers as well as RTB buyers through the double click ad exchange.

Earn higher CPMs

As the stakes for the advertisers go higher, they are willing to pay higher, to get a leading edge ahead of their competitors, thanks to a massive demand for advertising on Google, since they have increased the CPMs

Top global fill rates

With strategic placements of your App, we give you the best-possible users in comparison to any
other platform thus reducing your marketing costs.

The fill rates are near enough to 100% the majority of times and return for the ads we serve are the highest of the ad mediums we have tried.

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