How to get your first sale

You are already blogging.. wanna take yourself to the next level?
Now you are an expert and wanna make changes in someone else life!

Lead Conversion : How to get your first sale

You will find your prospect/customer in any of the 4 stages:

  1. Prospect
  2. Lead
  3. Customer
  4. Repeat-Customer

Funnel helps you in converting your targeted prospect to your customer.

Ideal customer Avatar:

Whenever you plan to sell your product/services, always start by creating your ideal customer Avatar.

Find your Ideal Customer Avatar:

These questions will help you in finding your ideal customer avatar.

  1. Which Geographic location are they from?
  2. What are their demographics? Age, Gender etc.
  3. How much money they make?
  4. In which place they hangout?
  5. What are their pain points?
  6. What is the biggest challenge they have?
  7. What do they want to achieve?


Sales funnel can contain multiple steps.

These steps can be:

  • Email Campaigns.
  • Landing Pages.
  • Facebook Group interactions.
  • Facebook Page Interaction.
  • Lead Magnets.
  • Other Social Media Interactions (Youtube, Insta, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat).
  • Website interactions.

Idea is to be presence everywhere your ideal customer hangout. So, if you have created your ideal customer avatar then you know where you can find your ideal customers.

Almost everyone is on Facebook, so should be you…. You can create Facebook Group & business Page.

Now one main benefit about creating Facebook group is that:

Facebook sends an email multiple times a day about happenings in the group and it comes in the Gmail social folder, so your prospect sees you. So more they see your name or your brand’s name, the more is the probability of conversion. That’s simple, right?

But how will you handle multiple platforms?

Be proactive and get 7 days of content in advance. Schedule some of your content on social media and implement email automation.
It will save you some time. Being proactive is one of the main habit of highly effective People.

Now, how to start?

Start with Facebook Page, Email Automation & Drive traffic from Facebook Ads.

Get 1000+ targeted likes for your page using Facebook Page likes campaign. This will help you in building some credibility. You don’t need 10,000 or 100,000 likes to sell something. Just having few hundreds or 1000 fans is enough to get started.

Start with Facebook Conversion Objective.

Note: Aim is to get the Email id of the user.

This Email id will act like an asset to your company. You can send them emails, re-target people using emails on Facebook and other platforms.

Now when you send prospects to your opt-in page from your Ad, they will have 2 options.

To give their name & Email address and take your freebie.


To leave the website if they aren’t giving you their name & email address.

Aim to get 50%+ conversion rate on your opt-in page. So, 5 out of 10 people should give you their email id when they come to your landing page.

What to do if your conversion rate is lower than 50%?

Testing is the key to success. There is high probability of you improving your conversion rate using suggestions given below.

  1. Your Ad is not clearly showing what you are offering them.
  2. Your landing page design is not good.
  3. The freebie you are offering is not providing them bigger value.
  4. You are not targeting the right audience.

Some helpful tips:

  • State clearly in your Ad about what free offer you are giving to user if they come to your website.
  • Make sure the copy of your landing page makes your freebie irresistible.
  • Show Ads to target audience.

For example: If you are selling Being Human T.Shirts then show Ads to Fans of Salman Kan.

Self-Liquidating Funnel:

Here, we aim to acquire customer at zero cost. We sell a low price (high value) product to acquire the customer.
If you acquire your customer at zero cost, then you can make profit by selling the product again and again. You can also sell different products.

For example: NLP trainer can create a NLP Money Mastery program and can sell it for 1500 rupees. Then he/she can create one more program by the name of NLP for Health & Relationship which he can sell for 3500 rupees. After that they can sell NLP Certification program for 15000 rupees or they can offer One to One consulting which can charge 2000 rupees per session. Now if the NLP trainer can acquire one customer at 1500 rupees then he can sell more products and services to his clients which will allow him to make more money!

So, the goal is to create a self-liquidating funnel which can give you client for free and profit from start.



Now, when someone give you their email id, then on the thank you page tell them to join your Facebook group. This way you will get genuine people who are interested in your product/service.

They will receive the link to their freebie directly in their email. Idea is to get them to open your first email. Now they have opened your first email and clicked on the link and got your freebie by visiting your website.

Here you can present “one time, low price offer” to them.
Pitch them for the low-price product and tell them that you are offering a huge discount.
Also, to increase your conversion rate, you can provide 10 times more value for what they are paying. It will make your product irresistible.

Idea is to cover your Ad cost & other online marketing costs. We call it self-liquidating funnel.

Here comes the main deal.

Once they buy your product, offer one more product that is 2-3 times costlier than your previous product and offer them huge discount on that as well.

So, by selling this product, you will make more money.

For Ex: When McDonald’s sells their burger to you then they don’t make much money on the burger. But when they tell you to buy a coke and burger with it, they make good amount of money…

And this is your first sales funnel;)

What about those who didn’t buy?

Simple answer. Nurture them.
Now by nurturing I mean, keep interacting with them till their emotional trigger is pulled.

People don’t buy because of the logic. They buy because of the emotions.


Some tips:

  • Choose 2-3 social platforms and remain active in those platforms.
  • Try to bring your leads to those platforms.
  • Go live often, keep offering freebies, content and make sure you provide them value.
  • Most important thing is to educate your audience about what your product is and how it can help them to change their life.
  • Remember? People buy on the base of emotion, not on the base of logic.
  • Send them drip email campaigns based on their behavior. So, your Email series is going to help in converting these leads into your customers.

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