Everything about Search Engine Reputation Management

Are you worried about the online reputation of your firm? Websites and web pages lying on the internet are prone to malicious activities to disgruntled customers and employees. Dissatisfied customers and employees can leave bad testimonials, critical blogs pages and misleading advertisement of your firm, putting the reputation of your business at risk. You can protect your firm from wrongdoers by seeking search engine reputation management strategies.

The internet has made the world appear very small. With just one click we can know where and about of anyone. Organizations are using the internet as a means to analyze the ranking of their business as well as that of their competitors to launch effective marketing campaigns. But with marketing campaigns, the competitors also launch smear campaigns to upset their competitors. Search engine reputation management has evolved over the time as a strategy to protect a company’s reputation online and maintain a positive outlook. The internet is the easiest and cheapest way of destroying someone’s reputation. As online or internet has become an indispensable part of modern life it is necessary for the organizations to maintain a good reputation on the internet.

Understanding Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM):

Search engine reputation management is a part of online reputation management. The SERM can be used to detect and solve primarily three types of problems:

  1. Issues due to Google Autocomplete.
  2. The negative search results.
  3. The negative connotation appearing at the bottom of the Google search engine page.

How Can SERM Help?

  • Setting Up Of Social Media Profiles: The SERM team can get the profile of your organization posted on the highly professional networking sites like Linkedin. Besides, having a page n the social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook can also help in staying away from the notorious minds.
  • Posting Huge Volume of Content: Content posted on the websites in the form of articles, blogs, press release and reviews can help in maintaining the reputation of the organization online. Besides, participating in the forums is yet another way of reputation management. This technique will not only manage the reputation of the organization but will also help in getting traffic and good rank in the search engines.
  • Creation Of Sub-Domain: The services offered by Google’s crawler for having new domains or sister domains can also help in reputation management. Through these sister sites, one can launch reputation protection management campaigns.
  • Monitoring: After having taken all the above-mentioned points, it is necessary to keep monitoring these sites or blogs to keep in check the activities of the visitors, any bad comment on the website or blog can affect the customer’s emotions. Therefore, monitoring should always be in your mind.


An expert on SEO can significantly help you protect your business and brand from all the negative marketing. You can also learn to deploy SERM by reading about it online and watching its videos. Every online business needs to set up strategies to protect its reputation online.


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