8 Things Every New Freelancer Should Get Good At

We’ve created this list of things every new freelancer should master. Get good at these things, and you’ll make it easier to make it yourself.

1. Saying Yes

The hardest job to get as a freelancer is your first one, so saying ‘yes’ to every opportunity will help you gain traction. You’ll quickly learn what you like and don’t like doing, your strengths and weaknesses, good clients from bad clients. With a few successful projects under your belt, the work will keep coming in.

2. Saying No

When you’re making your own hours, the temptation is to make yourself as available as possible. But the flipside of saying ‘yes’ to everything, is learning to set limits. No one can work 24/7.
Set your own starting and closing times, and stick to them. Give yourself some days off as well (remember, you’re not limited to two)! Getting traction is hard, but once you have it, don’t burn out.

3. Invoicing

All this is well and good, but if you’re not getting paid none of it counts. Naturally, we recommend PayPal. Safe and used widely across the world, PayPal makes it easier for people to pay you, quickly and easily.

4. Budgeting for off-weeks

There will always be times when there is less work than usual. The good news is that you don’t have to resort to weeks of instant ramen – make sure you’re ready for these quiet periods by sticking to a budget and saving enough money ahead of time.

5. Posting on social media

Your face needs to be in every feed you know. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, freelancer.com, Twitter or your own blog, your network needs to see what you’re doing and know if you’re available for work or not. So get posting!

6. Small talk

Conversations can go anywhere. Whenever you see someone new, force yourself to break the ice and reach out. Catch up with old friends and colleagues regularly. You never know what someone might need that they reveal in a quick chat you wouldn’t usually have.

7. Selling yourself

When you’re not working on someone else’s website, make sure you’re working on yours. Previous projects help people see your experience, your style, your skills. Make them shine.

8. Kicking back

Balance is everything. As much as you love to making great work, remember to take advantage of the lifestyle you’ve made for yourself.
You’re not stuck in an office – fresh air is your air conditioning, and sunlight is your lighting. Get outside and spend some quality time each week with your friends and family.
It can be frightening, but making the leap into freelancing is rewarding – and freeing. What do you think every new freelancer should get good at?

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