7 Steps to increase facebook Engagement

1. Content that Audience Love
2. Media Content
3. Post timings and Daily posts routine
4. Personal touch and tips
5. Use to ask questions
6. Consistent to your content
7. Keep looking for completion page

1.Content that audience Love:

Facebook always keep filling by lots of posts and media.

Your Audience have lots to see and watch. You must

share content that user looking for the media must

be useful and visibility must be good. One move thing:

Your content must be shareable to other users they


2. Use Media content images or videos.

Using image and video post always help full for user to get to know what you want to convey. Using proper sized image can help you to increase engagement.
Best image size for facebook:
1. 1200 ×628 px
2. 800×800 px
3. 1024×512 px
4. For link image 476×240 px
5. Multiple link post images 300×300px

3.Posts per day and daily posts routine:

Monitor the audience activity, when they mostly active. Try with different timings and analyze the mostly engagement over month. Post at least one post or maximum 2 posts per day.
After completing the month, go to the report section and see the best performing posts with its posting time and day. You can easily identity your audience active time on facebook. You can also see the Audience behavior, weekend is different, weekdays are different. Follow above tactics to engage more audience.

4. Tips and tricks with personal feedback:

As a Brand, it’s important to share personal and valuable to your followers. Evidently, this type of content will get more engagement . Share tips, solution and personal experience using tool, or create review videos.
If you are a travel blogger, don’t show only the beauty of the nature, write your personal food experience write about each place ,street and monuments.

5. Use to ask questions:

To engage your Audience, keep Posting questions, ask about their knowledge, travel stories ask to comment what they want to listen, ask about your react post, post some survey, quiz and always keep telling like we are good. You are a connected to very popular page in this riche show them strength of followers.
Eg: if you are a marketing agency: ask them, “what problem they faced while running ad agency?”

6. Consistent to your content:

Always use same content design, image color and style to make an psychological impact followers mind, after few months they recognize you as a brand and they always like too the same style in future. Creating a brand impact to user mind is necessary to consistent to your content, media and video styles.

7. Keep looking for completion pages:

The best way to find out what kind of posts work for audience is to spy for audience intrest over other facebook passe , posts and groups of some kind of industry.

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