Monthly Archives: March 2019

    11 Mantras To Move Past Self Doubt

    Here are 11 of my own mantras to give you an innovative beginning spot. Don’t hesitate to take them in part or altogether: “I feel quiet, engaged and focused. As I do my work, life takes on a unique, new significance loaded with adoration and commitment to myself and...

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    Admob optimization tips to earn more from Apps

    Prepare your app for the season’s next big events. Follow this checklist to make sure your app and your account are ready to go. Step 1: Know your users Regions around the world celebrate different holidays in unique ways and times. Get to know your users to determine which...

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    How to optimize in-app revenue with Google AdMob

    1. Test AdMob ad placement Some developers place their ads in a certain place, like the standard banner at the top of the screen, and stop there. If you never change your ad placement strategy, users might develop an ad blindness over time. They will get used to where...

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