Monthly Archives: June 2018

    Five Tips for Surviving First Five Years in Business

    A great person once said to me that a business is like a marriage. Just like a newly married couple enjoys the first year of their wedding with excitement, love and fun. The first year of every business is also the same. And as the time passes, it becomes...

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    Google AdWords: Why I Dropped AdWords from My Marketing Campaign

    Hey everyone, I am Geetika a budding entrepreneur, and I have taken up to this blog to share all that I have come across through my journey of learning on how to start and run a business. Today, I am going to share why I have dropped Google AdWords...

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    Did You SWOT Your Business?

    Enthusiast entrepreneurs like me often are in need to pull back their horses to prevent any haste decision before entering the gigantic world of business. If you are new and want to make it big in the market make sure you SWOT your business before it’s too late. What the...

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