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    Rural Entrepreneurship

    Rural Entrepreneurship and Its Consequent Problems

    What is rural entrepreneurship? It basically means developing industries, companies and firms in rural areas. More than 75 percent of our population is earning their livelihood through agriculture only. Therefore, it is very important to have rural industrialization to increase the education level and standard of living for rural...

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    Steps Involved In Product Planning and Development

    The product is a component which can be tangible or intangible to serve a need or a want. There are few steps involved in the planning and development of a product which is as follows:- Idea Generation: – People from sales department have the upper hand to come up...

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    Marketing Mix and The Four P’s

    The marketing mix is a strategy adopted by companies to lure consumers to buy their brand or product. The strategy is actually a pack of four set of variables as explained below. The Product Mix: – A product is derived by mixing physical and psychological expectation of the customers...

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    Business Decision Making

    Everything About Decision Making

    Wise Businessman Makes Wise Decisions. Decision making is a process of selecting one among options. We can relate it to ourselves as well. For example, suppose you want to buy a new car. To decide on which car to buy, you will have to consider a few things such...

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    Types of Marketing Realities in Business

    First of all, we need to understand what does marketing mean? Well, it can be anything which can be sold through services or advertising is called marketing. It’s like an identification and development of a product by determine its price through proper distribution channel with appropriate promotional strategy. There...

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