Monthly Archives: September 2017

    How to get your first sale

    You are already blogging.. wanna take yourself to the next level? Now you are an expert and wanna make changes in someone else life! Lead Conversion : How to get your first sale You will find your prospect/customer in any of the 4 stages: Prospect Lead Customer Repeat-Customer Funnel helps...

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    Effective Ways to Improve Workplace Productivity

    Implement Random Acts of Kindness Hire a chocolate fountain for the day for the office. Leave a welcome message on a meeting room’s whiteboard when you leave. Share praise with a co-worker’s boss and their boss’s boss. Hand-write a Thank You note to someone you appreciate. Take a new...

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    Organized Planning is one of the major principles on the road to success

    Organized Planning How many times has this happened to you? Your wife/mother asked you about, what to cook? what vegetables need to buy? You have plan for ingredients. Even while ordering online pizza they also ask for your plan, what do you like to add in pizza. On the...

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